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Top 5 Ebooks To Make Your Keto Diet Meal Plan

Are you looking forward to bring positive changes in your life with a Keto diet meal plan, but finding the experience to be difficult? You will need some assistance in this department. If this is your first foray into the world of diets and ensuring better health through a diet plan, then it is time to consider certain factors.

Dealing with some misguided notions

There are a lot of diets and meal plans available but sadly not all of them are good or even effective. A lot of people try to make money by exploiting the desire to live a healthy life in people. This is why; there are a lot of crash diet plans which won’t help you one bit. Moreover, you need to know that diet is not about not eating or starving yourself to lose weight. A proper diet is a balanced meal plan that will help you to lead a healthy life while fulfilling your nutritional needs.

Getting introduced to the Keto diet meal plan

The first thing you need to consider regarding your diet is that you are getting all the required nutrition, essential vitamins and minerals in the process. In the next part, you will discover that the items which you have been consuming for these nutritional needs, can be easily replaced with healthier options. A Keto diet meal plan is designed to provide you with the best of both worlds, all essential nutrition minus the guilt of eating in an unhealthy manner.

Seeking expert help is vital

Another crucial aspect you need to consider regarding the context is, you need to consult an expert before starting on your diet. It is not like you can decide to follow a specific diet one fine day and continue that way for as long as you want. This is why you need the Keto diet explained before starting the process. It will also help to remember that, a meal plan is not forever. Any expert worth their salt will agree that dietary changes, especially the specific ones are temporary.

The popularity of a diet and the reasons behind it

The Keto diet has gained popularity amongst people due to its effectiveness and very clear benefits. This meal plan is chosen by people who are looking forward to losing weight, lower their cholesterol levels, blood pressures, it also helps in treating diabetes, and neurological diseases. As someone following diets and meal plans for years, you won’t find many issues with the details of the Ketogenic diet. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, then you will need the Keto diet explained properly and preferably by an expert.

Some very real problems you will face

In the very beginning of something, feeling anxious, restless and worried is common, especially if it is a meal plan. Everyone has their comfort foods and a routine in place. The meal plan you are currently following is based on what you like, what is easy to make and does not require you to visit the grocery shop or farmer’s market every day. Therefore, the very notion of upending your kitchen completely, won’t be very reassuring.

Here are the top 5 Ebooks to Make Your Keto Diet Meal Plan


1. Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet

This is an Ebook written by Rachel Roberts, who provides a peek into the nutrition industry and the flaws in it. Most diets and meal plans will not tell you the inside secrets of the industry, but this one will. In this Ebook, you will get to know the truth behind gaining all those extra pounds and how to lose them. Unlike a lot of such books available online or at a bookshop, this book clearly explains the importance and need of a customized Keto diet meal plan. Moreover, Rachel here explains the reasons behind the decisions you should make regarding your Ketogenic diet.

By signing up and buying this book, you will get a customized Keto meal plan spanning eight weeks. In this plan, you will receive portion sizes that are specifically calculated for you, information on most popular Keto diets followed by celebrities and easy recipes for preparing your meals. Moreover, Rachel understands the difficulties of cooking every meal at home. Hence, there is a guide for Keto-friendly fast food places you can go for a meal without running your diet and weight loss plan. This plan also comes with a member area, from where you can easily make adjustments more suitable for you.



2. 28 Days Keto

Keto diet

By signing up, you will receive a 28-day meal plan for your Ketogenic diet and ten expert guides which will inspire you and keep you motivated in completing the diet. These books offer information on the following areas of your Keto diet.

  • The Keto Diet Basics explains the fundamental logic behind the Ketogenic diet, its development, workings, tips for success, the food you can enjoy and such.
  • Eating Well on Keto will provide you with helpful recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you can follow, along with a 28-day Keto diet meal plan calendar.
  • Staying in Ketosis will help you to learn the process of getting into Ketosis and also to identify that you are truly in Ketosis. There is additional information as well.
  • Mastering Macros will teach you about calculating your macronutrients and maintaining the proper rations required for staying in Ketosis.
    Beating Keto Flu is about learning to make the symptoms go away fast if you experience them.
  • Intermittent Fasting will inform you about five different kinds of intermittent fasting techniques which will start the Ketosis and accelerate your fat loss.
  • Social Situations will provide you with healthy ways to deal with social pressure, tips for eating out and the guideline for drinking alcohol during your diet.
  • Guilt-free Desserts will provide you with recipes of 36 desserts which won’t affect your diet while appeasing your cravings for something sweet.
  • Yummy Avocado Recipes will teach you five ways of preparing avocados for your diet.
  • Keto Supplements Guide will teach you about twelve best Keto supplements which will help your transition to Ketosis and make the diet more effective.



3. Keto Breads 

Keto Bread

This Ebook is authored by renowned Nutritional Biochemist and the founder of Healing Gourmet Kelley Herring, M.S, M.B.A, will bust a few myths you have heard to have been harbouring regarding the Ketogenic diet. This book explains your natural addiction to bread, why this addiction happens and how to fight it. She talks about how gluten harms the health and digestive system of someone who is allergic to gluten.

She explains why gluten-free bread is not good substitutes for the regular bread. She explains in detail, how and why bread can be part of your Keto diet meal plan without causing any harm. This book is the result of her thorough research on the subject and the scientific proof for each of her claims. This Ebook comes in both digital and physical forms and contains recipes of bread fit for your Keto diet.



4. Over 40 Absolution

This book provides the 1-day diet blueprint for any person over the age of 40 attempting the Keto diet. Written by Shaun Hadsall, a fitness professional with 20+ years of experience working with clients, this book offers a rare insight into the problem people of older age group faces with their diet and attempts of staying lean and fit. Every tip and advice he provides is based on the latest scientific research and his own experience with weight gain after turning 40.

This books comes in digital format and can be downloaded to any device you wish. By purchasing it, you will have access to the easy to follow diet guide for resetting your hormone levels and there are five free bonus gifts with every purchase. These gifts are:

  • Step-By-Step Follow Along with Success Tracker
  • 5-Minute ‘At-a-Glance’ Quick Start Guide
  • 12-Minute Metabolic Workouts Training Manual
  • 8 Fat-Burning Drinks That RESET Your Hormones
  • Hormone-Optimizing Keto Cheat Sheets



5. 15 Minutes Wight Loss

This weight loss guide is created by Anthony Swailes, a former soccer player in Australia turned certified professional after graduating from the Academy of Hypnotic Science. The guide is his sessions where he helps thousands of people reach a mental plane where they can beat their accumulated weight start losing it. When you purchase the guide, you will receive recordings of the original 15-minute weight-loss session and three free gifts. He is so sure about the success of these sessions, that there is a 60 day and 100% money-back guarantee too.

Along with the 15-minute weight loss sessions, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • The subliminal recording, Deep Sleep Now
  • Look Great at any Weight
  • Look Younger Now

Therefore, along with losing weight, you will have the tools to help you look and feel good about yourself.



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